Library, the treasure house of information is the nerve center of intellectual activity of any institution. Reva Library and information center is located in an independent spacious block with area of 607 sq meters,

  • Our Mission is to promote qualitative improvements in the campus life of students. We help students to accomplish their personal, professional and academic goals through counseling, consultation

  • At REVA, every care is taken to provide the best facilities for students who stay away from their homes. The hostel provides hygienic food and clean surroundings so that the inmates can live in a congenial atmosphere at affordable prices.

  • An air-conditioned seminar hall for accommodation of over two hundred and fifty participants is located within the campus. This facility is used for conduct of Parents-Teachers association, get-together seminars, workshops and guest lectures and other functions.

    We have operated 20 buses during the academic year 2010-11. Which covers all the parts of the city. About 1500 Students and 150 staff have been using the facility.

  • Incubation Centers are planned for establishment inside the Campus to identify new technologies and software tools to offer consultancy services and undertake small-scale projects by faculty and students with an aim to develop skills amongst students to meet industry demands.

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