Areas of Research and Competence

Sl. No Faculty Areas of Interest
1 Dr.Rana Pratap Reddy Heat transfer, Internal combustion engine. Thermodynamics, Alternative fuels. Biodiesel applications in IC engines.
2 Dr. Sharanappa Godiganur Internal combustion engine. Thermodynamics, Alternative fuels, Biodiesel applications in IC engines.
3 Mr. C D Hampali Energy Systems Engg, Heat Transfer, Bi polymers.
4 Mr. L R Jagadeesh IC Engines, Heat Transfer, Thermal Stresses, Refrigeration & air conditioning.
5 Mr. Raju B S Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Rapid Prototyping, Process Optimization by Integrated Taguchi and Grey relational analysis, Coatings, UIT Treatment of Welded joints.
6 Mr. Manjunath.L.H Machine Design, Composite Materials, Nano Metal Matrix Composites.
7 Dr.Mallikarjuna Reddy Machinery and structural dynamics, Tribology,Acoustic and Noise control.
8 Mr.K.S.Narayanaswamy Polymer foams sandwitch structures, Fracture Mechanics.
9 Mr. N Naga Suresh Babu Lean six sigma, TPM continuous improvement.
10 Mr. Mahesh L Composite materials.
11 Mr. B Somsundar Erosion, Corrosion, Oxidation coatings.
12 Mr. N Jagadeeswaran Corrosion & Erosion on super alloys, Thermal Coatings & Characterization.
13 Mr.Krishna Murthy K N Thermodynamics, Heat and mass transfer, Turbo machines, Internal combustion engine. Alternative fuels, Biodiesel Applications in IC engines and Composite Materials.
14 Mr. Niranjan Hiremath Vibrations, FEM, Condition based monitoring.
15 Mr. Dharamendra .M Friction stir welding, Automation.
16 Mr.Shivasharanayya swamy Biomaterials,Machinery and Structural Dynamics,Finite Element Analysis.
17 Mr.Naveen.Y.A Fracture Mechanics, Photoelasticity.
18 Mr.Balaji.S Heat transfer, Biofuels.
19 Mr.Sachinkumar Machining, Welding, Coating casting, composite material, Metal matrix composite.
20 Mr.Ramesh Kumar S C Design, Finite Element Method, Computer Aided Drawing.
21 Mr.Varadaraj K R Computational Material Science, Cellular Materials, Smart Materials, Manufacturing, Automation.
22 Mr.Vijay Kumar S Thermodynamics, Fluid mechanics, Heat and Mass Transfer.
23 Mr.Santhosh B D Production and Optimization, Flexible Manufacturing Systems, Control systems and Dynamic Programming.
24 Mr.Lakshmi Narayana Welding, composite materials.
25 Mr.Vasanth Kumar K L Heat and power.
26 Mr.C.Naveen Krishna Manufacturing process, Automobilization.

Ph.Ds Awarded under Dr.R.P.Reddy

Sl. No Research Scholar Topic Centre Remarks
1 Dr. Ramesh D.K “Studies on the suitability of potential non edible oils available in India as alternative fuels for CI engine” NITK Surathkal Awarded
2 Dr. Sharanappa Godiganur "Experimental studies on the performance and emission characteristics of heavy duty diesel engine with esters of mahua oil”. NITK Surathkal Awarded
3 Dr. Kapilan N "Effect of process variables on transesterification of Mahua oil and studies on performance and emission of LPG-Methyl ester of Mahua oil on duel fuel engine”. NITK Surathkal Awarded
4 Dr.Ramakrishna Hegde “Experimental investigations of pool boiling heat transfer characteristics on a vertical surface using CuO nanoparticles in distilled water" NITK Surathkal Awarded
5 Mr.Mallikappa “Performance & Emission Characteristics of DI CI engine operated with cardanol Bio fuel.” NITK Surathkal Thesis submitted

Ph.D Registered Students

Sl. No Faculty Name Guide Name & Affiliation Topic Year of Registartion
1 Mr.C.D.Hampali Dr.Chandrashekhar bendigeri
Bangalore university
Investigation of Mechanical and Thermal properties on Polymers used as Bio-materials for Medical applications 2012
2 Mr.L.R.Jagadeesh Dr.R.P.Reddy,
RITM, Bangalore
Studies on Ultrasonic Impact Treatment and Residual Stress Evaluation of TIG Welded Modules of aero Engine Grade Nickel Alloys. 2012
3 Mr.Raju.B.S Dr.D.N.Drakshayani Sir M.VIT &
(Scientist ‘G’, Additional Director GTRE,DRDO,B’lore)
Region Based Video Coding With Rate Distortion Optimization And Quantity Assessment For Image Analysis And Completion 2006
4 Mr.Manjunath.L.H Dr.P.Dinesh
Professor Dept. of Mech Engg. M.S.R.I.T Bangalore
“Development of Aluminium Nano carbon tube Metal matrix composites/Nano composites.” 2008
5 Mr.N.Naga Suresh Babu Dr.G.Padmanabhan
S.V.U.G.E Tirupati
“Lean six sigma.” 2011
6 Mr.Mahesh Dr.Sudheer Reddy,
Characterization of Titanium compounds reinforced Aluminum MMCs through P/M route. 2012
7 Mr.B.Somsundar Dr.Ravikiran Kadoli
NITK Surathkal
“Studies on improvements in corrosion & erosion resistance in Boiler tube materials.” 2009
8 Mr.N.Jagadeeshwaran Dr.Udayabhat
NITK Surathkal
“Behaviour of Hot Corrosion and Erosion resistance to combat HWF coating on turbine blades.” 2009
9 Mr.Krishna Murthy K N Dr.S.N.Sridhara “Numerical & Experimental characterization of Biofuel Spray From IC Engine Injectors” 2011
10 Mr. Niranjan Hiremath Dr.D Mallikarjuna Reddy, RITM, Bangalore “Experimental Investigation of Cost Effective Methods for Condition Monitoring of Antifriction Bearings”. 2010
11 Mr.Shivasharanayya swamy Dr.Chandrashekhar bendigeri,
Bangalore univeristy
Investigation On Alternative Materials For Stents Used In Cardiac Angioplasty 2012
12 Mr.Sachin kumar Dr.Narendranath,
NITK Surathkal
“Joining of Metal Matrix Composites by Friction Stir Welding” 2012

Details of candidates registered to Dept. Research Center

Sl. No Candidate Name Guide Name Topic Year of Registartion
1 Shripad Diwakar Dr.R.P.Reddy Studies on Performance, Combustion characteristics and emission levels of Direct Injection(DI) Diesel Engine with Esters of Non edible oils 2010
2 Mr.B.RajendraPrasad Reddy Dr.R.P.Reddy Biological Investigations & Experimental studies on the performance of algae-bio-fuels as an alternative fuel for CI engines. 2010
3 Mr.Basavaraj.T Dr.R.P.Reddy CFD Simulation for refrigerant flow in the low pressure side of a refrigeration system. 2010
4 Mr.L.R.Jagadeesh Dr.R.P.Reddy Studies on Ultrasonic Impact Treatment and Residual Stress Evaluation of TIG Welded Modules of aero Engine Grade Nickel Alloys. 2012
5 Prashanth B M Dr.R.P.Reddy “Finite Element Analysis of Stress patterns in Adhesive lap joints of an aircraft and its effect on bonding” 2012
6 Anil Patil Dr.Sharanappa Godiganur “ Performance, Emission and Combustion Studies of Methyl ester of Fish oil as Alternative fuel in CI Engines” 2011
7 Ramesh S Bujari Dr.Sharanappa Godiganur “Development of Ethanol from Fruits waste and its effect on the performance, emission and combustion characteristics of DI diesel engine” 2011
8 Prathap kulkarni Dr.Sharanappa Godiganur “Effect of biodiesel on the performance, corrosion and wear of coated CI engine” 2011
9 Prahlada Reddy E Dr.Sharanappa Godiganur “Investigation of Combustion and Emission Characteristics of Biodiesel blends in CI Engines ” 2012
10 Ramesh Babu Dr.Sharanappa Godiganur “Combustion Analysis of Diesel Engine Fueled with niger seed oil methyl ester Diesel blends” 2012
11 Srikanth H V Dr.Sharanappa Godiganur A Study On Suitability Of Milk Dairy Waste Scum Biodiesel For CI Engines 2013
12 Niranjan C H Dr.D Mallikarjuna Reddy “Numerical Simulation & Experimental Investigation of Cost Effective Methods for Condition Monitoring of Antifriction Bearings” 2012
13 S.Suresha Dr.D Mallikarjuna Reddy “Vibration Based Damage Identification in Structures Using Advanced Signal Processing Techniques” 2013
14 Kestur Praveen Dr.M.R.Ramesh “Studies on the Role of HVOF Coatings in improving Resistance to Surface Degradation of Boiler Tube Steels” 2009

Ongoing Research Projects

Sl. No Principal Invetigator Funding Agency Topic Duration
1 Mr. Raju B S VTU, Belgaum Studies On Rapid Fabrication of Metal coated Stereo lithography (SLA) Components for Enhanced surface Integrity and functional compliance. 2 years
2 Mr. Raju B S VGST(Vision group of science & Technology) Design and Development of medical equipment trolley 5 Months

Research Project Executed

Sl. No Principal Invetigator Funding Agency Topic Duration Completed Year
1 Mr.Raju.B.S Institute of Engineers, India Studies on Process parameters optimization of rapid prototype parts for the betterment of part quality. 1 year 2011
2 Dr. R P Reddy(PI)
Mr. L R Jagadeesh(Co-PI)
Mr. Raju B S(Co-PI)
Gas turbine research establishment, DRDO Studies on the Ultrasonic Impact Technique for relieving residual stress of Engine components. 2 years 2012