Areas of Research and Competence

Sl. No Faculty Areas of Interest
1 Dr. Geetha M. Rajaram Production pattern and cost competitiveness of Milk Unions: A Study at Karnataka Co-operative Milk producers Federations Limited(KMF)
2 Dr. Guru Basava Aradhya A Comparitive Analysis of Endowment Products of Major Insurance Companies in South India
3 Prof. Raghavendra (Ph.D) Consumer behaviour in Telecom Industry: A Study with reference to BSNL in Karnataka
4 Prof. Mandanna M. P. (Ph.D) An impact of technology on HRM on specialised nationalised banks at Bangalore

Ph.D Registered Students

Sl. No Scholar Name Guide Name Topic Year of Registartion
1 Ranjitha P K Dr. Guru Basava Aradhya Consumer behavior of Electronic Gadgets in South India 2012
2 Theresa Dr. Guru Basava Aradhya Women Empowerment in Banking industry wrt to Karnataka 2013
3 Srinivas Dr. Guru Basava Aradhya Retail Segment 2013
4 Santhosh Dr. Guru Basava Aradhya Stress Management in ITES Companies in selected Districs of Bangalore, Mysore, Chennai, Ernakulam 2013