Areas of Research and Competence

Sl. No Faculty Areas of Interest
1 Dr. R. C. Biradar Ad hoc networks, sensor networks, mesh networks, network security, etc. My research also extends in resolving some of issues in cloud computing, data analytics, big data analysis, etc.
2 Prof. Venkatesh Prasad K. S Power Electronics, Battery management system
3 Mr. M. Mallikarjuna Wireless Sensor Networks
4 Mr. A. Ananda Shankar Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining
5 Mr. Narendra Babu C. Data Mining
6 Mr. Mylara Reddy C. Cloud Computing in Fault tolerance
7 Mrs. Vani K. Sensor Networks
8 Mrs. S. Geetha Sensor Networks
9 Mrs. Priyanka Bharti Web Service
10 Mrs. Pavithra .P Image Processing
11 Mr. Lithin .K Wearable wireless sensor networks
12 Mrs. Thanuja K. M-Health, wireless sensor networking

Ph.D Registered Students

Sl. No Faculty Name Guide Name Topic Year of Registartion
1 Mr. Venkatesh Prasad Dr. Diwakar Simulation of Battery Management Systems 2010
2 Mr. A. Ananda Shankar Dr. Ananda Kumar Opinion Mining and Decision Making Concepts in healthcare system 2012
3 Mr. Narendra Babu C. Dr. B. Eswarareddy Convergence of pattern mining for risk negation assessments 2010
4 Mr. Mylara Reddy Dr. N. Nalini Implementation and Comparison & Fault – Tolerant Techniques in cloud computing 2012
5 Shilpa Chaudhari Dr. R. C. Biradar Bandwidth estimation and QoS Routing Management in MANETs 2012
6 M. B. Patil Dr. R. C. Biradar MAC Layer Issues in Multi-Hop Wireless Sensor Networks 2012
7 Roshan Zameer Ahmed Dr. R. C. Biradar Wireless Sensor Network Applications in Agriculture 2013
8 Raja Jitendra Nayak Dr. R. C. Biradar Information Control for Public Utilities using Sensor Networks: Water Gas and Electricity 2013
9 G. A. Walikar Dr. R. C. Biradar Hybrid Multicast Routing Protocols for MANETs 2013
10 Nandini Wali Dr. R. C. Biradar Spectrum Sensing and Spectrum Sharing using Cognitive Radios in Wireless Mesh Networks 2012

Ongoing Research Projects

Sl. No Principal Invetigator Funding Agency Topic Duration
1 Dr. R. C. Biradar & Mrs. Geeta D. VTU
Cognitive Agent Based Resource Estimation and QoS Routing Management in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks 3 years
2 Dr. S. S. Manvi &
Mr. P. V. Joshi
Level 1
Up gradation of PG labs and Creation of research facilities in VLSI, ES and Communications 3 years
3 Dr. S. S. Manvi VTU
Cognitive Agent based Information Fusion in Wireless Sensor Networks 3 Years

Research Project Executed (Workshops)

Sl. No Principal Invetigator Funding Agency Topic Duration Completed Year
1 Dr. R. V. Kulkarni AICTE
Workshop on LaTeX for Quality Typesetting of Technical Documents 7 days 2013
2 Dr. T. V. Rama Murthy Dept. of Space. (GOI) Reliability & Fault tolerance 3 Days 2013
3 Dr. Rohini Deshpande
Mrs. Geetha D.D.
Workshop on “Signal and Image Processing” on 28-30, July,2011 3 Days 2011
4 Dr.R.C.Biradar VTU, Belgaum Workshop on “Software and Protocol Testing Using TTCN3” 2 Days 2011