Areas of Research and Competence

Sl. No Faculty Areas of Interest
1 Dr B.P. Divakar HID and LED lightings, Soft-switching of converters and Inverters, Battery Manage System, battery chargers, Power factor correction circuits, Integrated chargers, Dynamic voltage regulators and Active filter
2 Prof. Sudhakar Rao Underground illumination in mines
3 Prof K. Narayana Swamy Multilevel Inverter topology and control
4 Prof Udayakumar Digital electronics
5 Mr. Gopinath. A Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Rapid Prototyping, Process Optimization by Integrated Taguchi and Grey relational analysis, Coatings, UIT Treatment of Welded joints.
6 Mr. Nagesh B.K Performance Evaluation of battery and Distributed Ultra capacitor Configured Drive-Train for Electric Vehicle, Integrated Chargers, Power Electronics Applications in EVS
7 Mr. Mahesh G.S. The suppression of current harmonics using shunt active power filter through an indirect current control technique, Power Systems
8 Mr. Gangadharappa Power Electronics in IC’s
9 Mrs. Sudharani Potturi P Power Electronics Applications in Electric Drives
10 Mrs. Monika Sharma Power Electronics Applications in Power System (HVDC and FACTS).
11 Mr. Vishwanath V Digital control of SMPC, Bidirectional Converters.
12 Mrs. Mamta O.Wandalkar Renewable and Power System Stability and Control
13 Mrs. Ashwini Kumari Renewable Energy applications, Wind Energy Conversion Systems for Micro Grid
14 Mrs. Divya K S Power Electronics and control
15 Mrs. Sujjo Oommen Power Electronics and Control in Drives
16 Mrs. G Sushnigdha Control system design
17 Mrs. Seema Magadum Power Quality and Smart Grid
18 Ms Christina Current source inverter
19 Mrs. K Nethra Power Electronics [Inverters]
20 Mr. Mahesh Kumar Multilevel Inverter

Ph.D Registered Scholars

Sl. No Faculty Name Guide Name Topic Year of Registartion
1 Prof Sudhakar Rao Dr Aruna, Prof NITK Surathkal &
Dr R.P. Reddy, principal, REVA ITM
Underground illumination in mines 2010
2 Prof K. Narayana Swamy Dr Divakar,
Development of a new hybrid multilevel inverter 2010
3 Mr Nagesh B.K Dr B.R.Lakshmikanth,
DSAT & M, Bangalore
Performance evaluation of battery and distributed ultra capacitor configure drive-train for electric vehicles 2012
4 Gopinath. A Dr Divakar
Bidirectional integrated battery charger for hybrid electric vehicle 2012
5 Mr Mahesh G.S. Dr.H.M.Ravi kumar,
NMIT, Bangalore
The suppression of current harmonics using shunt active power filter through an indirect current control technique 2012

Ongoing Research Projects

Sl. No Principal Invetigator Funding Agency Topic Duration
1 Dr. B.P. Divakar
K. S. Venkatesh Prasad
(Research Scholar) Professor , ISE Department
Battery Management system for Electric vehicle 3 years