Areas of Research and Competence

Sl. No Faculty Areas of Interest
1 Dr. S. S. Manvi Computer Networks, Wireless Adhoc Networks, Digital Communication, WSN, VANET, Software Agent Applications, Grid /Cloud computing, E-commerce
2 Dr. K. S. Gurumurthy Low power VLSI design, QCA
3 Dr. T.V. Rama Murthy Aerospace Electronics & Systems, DSP, Fault monitoring, Estimation Applied to Aerospace Electronics
4 Dr. R.V. Kulkarni Computational Intelligence, Signal and Image processing, Wireless Sensor Networks, Embedded Systems, Adaptive and Critical Systems
5 Dr.Venkata Siva Reddy .R Computer Architectures, FPGA, Embedded Systems
6 Dr. Bharathi S. H Video Compression, Communication, Electromagnetic fields, FPGA, MEMS, VLSI
7 Prof. P.I. Basarkod (Ph.D) Wireless Communication, Ad hoc Networks, Network Security, VANETs
8 Prof. Seetha Rame Raju Sanapala (Ph.D) Digital Signal Processing with focus on Defense, Space and Biomedical Signal Processing, Algorithm Development, Embedded Systems
9 Mrs.Shilpa Mehta (Ph.D) Intelligent Systems, Fuzzy Logic, Neural Networks
10 Mrs. Savitha P.R.(Ph.D) Power Electronics, Design of Controllers for Power Electronics Applications
11 Mrs. Geetha D.(Ph.D) Wireless Communication, Sensor Networks, Cryptography, Embedded Systems
12 Mr. D. S. Albur (Ph.D) Image Processing, Speech processing, Real Time Systems
13 Mrs. Nayana D.K (Ph.D) VLSI Systems, Embedded Systems, DSP
14 Mr. S. N. Prasad (Ph.D) Embedded Systems, DSP, Neural Networks
15 Mr. Sudarshan K.M.(Ph.D) Analog VLSI, Digital VLSI, Data Converters
16 Mrs. Usharani (Ph.D) Swarm Intelligence, VLSI Design
17 Mrs. Hemalatha N. Computational Intelligence, Wireless Communication
18 Mrs. Pallaviram(Ph.D) Signal Processing, Communication and Embedded Systems
19 Mrs. N. Prameela Kumari N(Ph.D) Nanoelectronics, Quantum Dot Cellular Automata
20 Mrs. Manjula R. B. (Ph.D) Wireless Sensor Networks, Embedded Systems
21 Mrs. Raji C. Digital VLSI, Analog VLSI, Mixed Mode
22 Mrs. Nirmala L.(Ph.D) Embedded Systems, VLSI Systems
23 Mrs. Divya M. N (Ph.D) Signal Processing, Communication System
24 Ms. Yashodha H Discrete time control System, Embedded Systems, VLSI, Interactive Electronics, Power Electronics
25 Mr. Manjunath G. Asuti Communications, Embedded Systems and Signal Processing
26 Mr. Manjunath R. Kounte (Ph.D) Neural Networks, Bio-Inspired Computation
27 Mr. Mohammed Riyaz Ahmed (Ph.D) Cognitive Science, Machine Learning
28 Mr. Nirmal Kumar S Benni (Ph.D) Wireless Mesh Networks, Ad hoc Networks
29 Mr. Prashant V. Joshi (Ph.D) Frontend VLSI Design, Design of Real time Embedded System, Signal Processing, Processor Architecture
30 Ms. Anithakumari R. D. (Ph.D) Image Processing, Embedded Systems
31 Mr. Dilip Chandra E Digital VLSI, Digital Design
32 Mr. Natraj Urs H.D. Embedded Systems, Processor Based Controller , Energy Harvesters
33 Mr. Somesh B.S. (Ph.D) Embedded Systems, Signal Processing
34 Mrs. Rashmi Priyadarshini VLSI Systems, Embedded Systems
35 Mr. Shrikant S Tangade (Ph.D) Vehicular Ad hoc Networks (VANETs), Wireless Sensor Networks, Optical Networks- Optical CDMA/WDM Networks
36 Mr. Vidya Sagar K.N. (Ph.D) Image Processing, Embedded Systems, Video Processing
37 Mr. Amrut Anilrao Purohit (Ph.D) Embedded Systems
38 Mr. Raganna (Ph.D) VLSI MEMS, Digital VLSI & MEMS
39 Mrs. Dilna .U CMOS VLSI, Digital Design, Embedded Systems
40 Ms. Neethu K.N CMOS VLSI, Digital Design, Embedded Systems, MEMS
41 Ms. Sowmya C.H Wireless Networks, Communication Systems, Embedded Systems, Cryptography, Image Processing
42 Mr. Raveendra G Signal Processing, Image Processing

Ph.Ds Awarded

Sl. No Student Name Guide Name Topic Year Awarded
1 M.S. Kakkasageri Dr. S. S. Manvi Agent based information management in VANET’s 2012
2 M. N. Birje Dr. S. S. Manvi. Agent based resource monitoring & allocation in wireless computational grids 2012
3 A.V. Sutagundar Dr. S. S. Manvi. Agent based information fusion and routing in wireless sensor networks 2012
4 Vijaya Prakash Dr.K.S.Gurumurhty Low power architecture for Image compression using DCT 2012
5 Nandini Sidnal Dr. S. S. Manvi Multi agent based service discovery & auction mechanisms in m-commerce 2011
6 R. C. Biradar Dr. S. S. Manvi Multicast routing schemes in MANET’s 2011
7 Keshaveni Dr.K.S.Gurumurhty Development of algorithms, design of architectures and Implementation of H.264 Video Encoder 2011
8 Suma. S.A Dr.K.S.Gurumurhty A new Pitch extraction function for LPC speech coders using noisy environments method using average magnitude 2010
9 Vasundara Patel. K.S Dr.K.S.Gurumurhty Design of Multivalued logic circuits/digital blocks 2010
10 Rajeshwari Hegde Dr.K.S.Gurumurhty A model based approach for automatic ECU integration 2010
11 J. D Mallapur Dr. S. S. Manvi Fuzzy logic based routing & resource allocation in wireless networks 2009
12 Nagaraj.R Dr.T.V.Rama Murthy Fault tolerant reconfigurable flight control system using neural networks for an advanced fighter aircraft during auto landing phase 2008
13 Yadagiri Dr.K.S.Gurumurhty Electrical characteristics if Buried resistors 2003
14 Mrs.Veena Chakravarthy Dr.K.S.Gurumurhty Low power optimization of ASSPs 2004
15 R.Manjunath Dr.K.S.Gurumurhty Compact architectures for the analysis and processing of sub net signals using Differential fed Artificial Neural networks 2004

Ph.D Registered Students

Sl. No Faculty Name Guide Name Topic Year of Registartion
1 Mrs.Nirmala.L. Dr. T.V.Ramamurthy Embedded Controller For Real Time Parameter Estimation Of Axial Flow System 2012
2 Mrs.Divya M. N. Dr. T.V.Ramamurthy Neural Network Based Throttle And Impeller Speed Control Of Axial Flow System 2012
3 Ms.Anitha Kumari.R.D. Dr. Narendranath Udupa A. Region Based Video Coding With Rate Distortion Optimization And Quantity Assessment For Image Analysis And Completion 2012
4 Mr.Prashant V. Joshi Dr. K S Gurumurthy Analysis Of Speech Processing Algorithms In Soc 2011
5 Mrs.Prameela Kumari N. Dr. K S Gurumurthy Quantum dot cellular Automata 2011
6 Mrs.Manjula R. B. Dr. S. S. Manvi Agent Based Solutions To Some Of Issues In Routing For Under Water Sensor Networks 2011
7 Mr.Seetharama Raju Dr. A Vengadarajan Investigations In Radar Processing For Target Detection 2011
8 Mrs.Savitha.P.R. Dr. Divakar B P Design & Development of Sensorless Speed Control for 3 Phase Induction Motor 2010
9 Mr.P.I.Basarkod Dr. S.S Manvi Cognitive Agent Based Routing & Resources Management 2010
10 Mr. K.M.Sudarshan Dr. Divakar B P Development & Implementation Of Power Factor Correction Circuits 2010
11 Mrs.Vijayashree Budihal Dr. S. S. Manvi Neuro Fuzzy Based Routing In Mobile Adhoc Networks 2006

Ongoing Research Projects

Sl. No Principal Invetigator Funding Agency Topic Duration
1 Dr. R. C. Biradar & Mrs. Geeta D. VTU
Cognitive Agent Based Resource Estimation and QoS Routing Management in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks 3 years
2 Dr. S. S. Manvi &
Mr. P. V. Joshi
Level 1
Up gradation of PG labs and Creation of research facilities in VLSI, ES and Communications 3 years
3 Dr. S. S. Manvi VTU
Cognitive Agent based Information Fusion in Wireless Sensor Networks 3 Years

Research Project Executed (Workshops)

Sl. No Principal Invetigator Funding Agency Topic Duration Completed Year
1 Dr. R. V. Kulkarni AICTE
Workshop on LaTeX for Quality Typesetting of Technical Documents 7 days 2013
2 Dr. T. V. Rama Murthy Dept. of Space. (GOI) Reliability & Fault tolerance 3 Days 2013
3 Dr. Rohini Deshpande
Mrs. Geetha D.D.
Workshop on “Signal and Image Processing” on 28-30, July,2011 3 Days 2011
4 Dr.R.C.Biradar VTU, Belgaum Workshop on “Software and Protocol Testing Using TTCN3” 2 Days 2011