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Biochemistry in its broad aspect is the most comprehensive of all and is central to all areas of life sciences, which includes organic, inorganic and physical chemistry and also the extent to which each of these are related to the chemistry of life and animals.



Biochemistry is a field of enormous fascination & utility, arising, no doubt, from our own self interest. Human welfare, particular its medical & nutritional aspects, has been vastly improved by our rapidly growing understanding of Biochemistry. Further advances in this expanding field of knowledge will no doubt lead to even more spectacular gains in our ability to understand nature & to control our destinies. It is therefore of utmost important that individuals embarking on a career in Bioscience be well versed in Biochemistry. The course has a huge potential to offer employment to trained and qualified Bio-Chemistry Post Graduates.


  • 40


  • Bangalore University

Course Benefits

On Successful completion of the course, students gain entry in to Pharma, Biotech, Biomedical fields. They can also pursue doctoral studies in various reputed National and International Research Institutes.


    • Biochemical Techniques
    • Toxicology
    • Enzymology
    • Physiology
    • Biophysics
    • Medical Biochemistry
    • Analytical techniques
    • Molecular Biology
    • Research Methodology
    • Biotechnology
    • Immunology
    • Enzyme technology


    • Biotechnology laboratory
    • Microbiology laboratory
    • Genetics laboratory
    • Plant Tissue Culture lab
    • Research lab
    • Synthetic Organic Chemistry laboratory
    • Biochemistry laboratory
    • P.C.R
    • U.V Spectrophotometry
    • Bioinformatics lab
    • BOD Incubator
    • Bacteriological Incubator
    • Chromatographic equipment
    • Electrophoresis
    • -40 Deep freezer and storage facility
    • Drosophila culture lab
    • U.V Transilluminator

Getting Started

A candidate who has passed Bachelor Degree in science with chemistry or bio chemistry as a compulsory subject of recognized universities and has secured not less than 50% marks shall be eligible for admission to the course.

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