Vision of the Department

Our vision is to be the premier Mechanical Engineering Department recognized for its outstanding education, research and scholarly work, and is well-liked for the high quality of its graduates.

Mission of the Department

The mission of the Department of Mechanical Engineering is to educate, prepare, and mentor students to graduate as professional and to grow throughout their careers in order to meet the competitive global market Utilize technology for the progress of mankind being frontier in teaching, engineering principles, research and development.

Introduction of the Department

Mechanical Engineering Department of Reva Institute of Technology started functioning from the year 2004 with a sanctioned intake of 60 students per annum and in 2011-12 the intake has been increased from 60 to 120 per annum. From this academic year(2012-13) the intake has been increased from 120 to 180 per annum. The focus of the department is to offer quality education in the specialized fields of Design, Manufacturing, Thermal and Materials engineering. The might of the Department, apart from its Students, is its Qualified and Experienced Faculty/Staff. The faculty strength includes 5 doctorates working as professors and assistant professors and 8 faculties pursuing PhD in NIT’s, VTU and Bangalore University. Faculties are actively engaged in Teaching and mentoring students apart from perusing their research activities in the emerging fields of engineering, extending consultancy activities with the manufacturing environment and also established mutually rewarding professional relationships with many a leading R&D Labs/Research Institutions. VTU has granted research centre status on 22-04-2009 to the department credit.

The department results have progressively increased by year to year. The Department has also submitted the Proposal for the grant of research project under various research grants scheme to establish advanced facilities in the area of thermal and materials research. The department has published the research work in various international and national communities. The department has on campus industry Viz. Metro Mechanical manufacturing Company. It is engaged in industrial research activities & Fabrication of equipments to give industrial exposure to students. The main objective of on campus industry is to promote “Earn while learn program”.

Long Term Goals

  • To pursue excellence in research and technology transfer in order to achieve centre of excellence in the field of bio fuels, materials and its coatings, rapid prototyping, industrial engineering etc..
  • Recruit and retain high quality faculty members with interests in variety of areas of mechanical engineering.
  • Attain national recognition as an active engineering department.
  • To establish job oriented continuous training centre for graduate and diploma students collaborate with industry and other university in light of exchanging ideas.

Short Term Goals

  • To establish Advanced PG courses Consultancy assignments
  • Increase interaction and collaboration with industry- institute interaction as a solution provider for industry.
  • Entertaining the faculties for the skill up gradation through attending seminar, conference etc.
  • Nurture interpersonal, technical, moral and entrepreneurial skills in students through effective mentoring, training and workshops.
  • To encourage Research activities.

Educational Objectives

  • To build up the best possible theoretical knowledge and practical skills in subject areas which inculcate appropriate moral and ethical values in students through proper instruction and guidance for their career through a team of caring, dedicated, determined and well trained qualified faculties.
  • To promote holistic development of students through various physical, mental, social, cultural, personal & spiritual enrichment programmes.
  • Meaningful faculty advising and mentoring.
  • A commitment to continuing education
  • Initiate active student societies
  • Commitment to engineering as a service-to-humanity profession.