1) MoU with Seer Akademi and Synopsys University Program for Bachelor Certificate Program in VLSI and Embedded Systems.

2) MoU with Cranes software International Limited, Bangalore, the University Program Partner for Texas Instruments, India. The College has set up a Lab entitled Texas Instruments Embedded systems Lab / Texas Instruments Microcontroller Lab in our premises.

3) MoU with Nokia University Relations. Collaboration with Nokia-VTU E-Learning for Conducting Workshops to Developing Maemo Applications and Mobile Linux in research and Learning. Setup a Nokia Research Lab at REVA to carry out mobile based research projects.

4) MoU with IBM for conducting Student Projects and training in Db2.

5) MoU with EMC2 for Student Projects.

6) MoU with Oracle India Ltd.

7) MoU with MIND TREE Pvt.Ltd for Student Projects and Internship.

8) TCS Accredited Institution for Campus recruitment.

9) MoU with Oklahoma State University, USA

10) MoU with Western Connecticut State University, USA

11) MoU with Seneca Canada College of Applied Arts & Science, Canada

12) MoU with Wuhan University, China

13) MoU with Pathe Academy, Srilanka